class obelus.ami.AMIProtocol

Higher-level AMI protocol implementation, including response and event matching.


Call this when some data (a bytestring) is received.

greeting_received(api_name, api_version)

Called when the AMI’s initial greeting line is received. Typical values for api_name and api_version are “Asterisk Call Manager” and “1.1”, respectively.

Override this method to do something with said information.


Processing an incoming line of AMI data.

register_event_handler(name, func)

Register a callable event handler func for the event name.

send_action(name, headers, variables=())

Send the AMI action with the given name (a str object) and headers (a dict mapping names onto values). Return a Handler which will be fired when the AMI returns a response for the action.


Serialize a message comprised of the given headers. Each header value can be either a str or a list of str objects.


Called when an event is received for which no handler has been registered.


Unregister the handler for event name.

class obelus.ami.Event
class obelus.ami.Response